Random Pile


Dear Chelso,

Im visiting my family after a week of having the plague. My stress over potentially moving and general life obstacles broke down my flimsy immune system and I came down with a terror cold. I couldn’t cover it up with medicines to at least appear normal at work so people promptly also treated me like I had the plague until I caved and went home. I was also too scared to order an uber home because I couldn’t stand the idea it might be someone who also thinks I have the plague and have them sweating about it for a 20 minute ride with me. So I took the long-ass train home.

I made brief attempts to return to work after that day, but I realized I still felt like crap and that clearly my coworkers would not be happy even if I did. So I have moved on to see my family in town for the week. On the way to my parents there is this long empty field that’s almost completely empty of shrubbery expect for one lone tree. I started to notice it in college on my travels back and forth from home and it made me hopeful sometimes. This tree somehow beat all the odds of living in this area where it must not be easy to live. Other times it made me sad cause of how lonely it looked. I acknowledge it every time I pass. I think when you picked me up from my apartment that one time to rescue me I tried to point out the tree. I have vague memories of trying to show you. But either way the recent rains have made everything beautiful and green and cows are all over the place taking advantage of the greens. Yesterday on my way to my parents the lonely tree had a cow laying underneath its shade with another cow nearby. And I know it sounds dumb Chelso and maybe it’s just sick-cold brain thinking things but seeing it brightened my whole day. My lonely tree was being visited.

I love time with family though and I’m prepared to have a fun weekend now that the stressful decisions are finally over for the moment. Thank you so much Chelso for helping me out at the end there, I was about to lose my marbles and once again your words brought me assurance and guidance.

Sorry this post is just random but I’m just swimming in cold medicine induced thoughts. For example, I think I finally figured out what the psychic lady meant when she asked if I was a Scorpio and I said no I’m a Leo and she said I should always be more Leo. I always wondered if she was putting down scorpios or if my energy was like the negative aspects of one or something. But this morning I woke up and realized she meant I should just be myself the best I can instead of being a shittier version of something else.

Chelso good luck with school as always I look forward to seeing this punishment video! I’m anxiously awaiting it.