Dear Ms. Mobley,

I regret to inform you that I think we should severely increase our game. I have been assessing life, and the situations within, and I do not find them to rise to the level of being an excuse not to post. Therefore, I submit the following stipulations for review in regard to our general operation of this agreement:


  1. A unified punishment* will occur if the post is not within 5 business days of the scheduled post date.
  2. Posts may be done early; an early post does not change the date of the next post done.


*Unified Punishment


After careful consideration, I have developed a program to increase productivity. In order for punishment to be effective, it has to be doable, but also an effective deterrent. Here is my suggestion:

If a post is not posted within 5 business days of the scheduled post date, the late poster must FILM and ask (x)** people a question (designed by the other Mow).


**The amount of people

The amount of people is to be determined by the other Mow. A Mow can use her discretion and must assign a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10.


Given the nature of the punishment, I also think we should develop a shared youtube account with our beautiful coveted email address. I suggest the name of Mow and Mow. I suppose the burden of creating the account should fall on whoever fails to post on time first.


I also feel it is best, that this rule should NOT be retroactive. In fact, I think we should wipe the slate clean and start anew.


This is my proposal. I look forward to hearing your thoughts soon.




You are a super cool cat.





Chelso Mow


PS: Here are some examples of “Cool Cats”


Up Your Game.









Hmm. What is wrong with this picture? I have two posts in a row. Two whole posts. Where is Maryanne’s? Hmm. Where oh where.

If you responded to punishments I would definitely give you one. But you still have some acting weird to do, from like last year. I hope that is at least at the very bottom of your two do list.

Perhaps you are wondering where this sass has come from. It has come from putting out my second podcast in two weeks. I am the Queen of the internet. Like not even sort of. Like at all.

Your question will appear on the next one.

Adjusting back from spring break to school was rough this week. I like doing nothing. I wish I could just have made up candy crush and been rolling around in bored housewives money. But unfortunately that is not my life. I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery though. That would be cool. I have to find away to stay focused. The trick was to put on Katherine Hiegel movies. They almost immediately disinterest me, and provide for adequate background noise.

I really hope in your next post you provide pictures to form a sort of mini walk through. I am excited to see your place, when I make my way out there eventually.

My podcast should be up on iTunes by now.  So you are welcome. Here you gooo, at least the link to soundcloud.

2 Truths and a Chelso

Earlier this week, my fellow mow sent me this list of Truths to Answer. I apologize if they were not as in depth as you have hoped but I am super tired and have developed a bad habit for being deliberate. Thank you School. Although, admittedly, aereodynamically, astrological, alphabetically speaking, I am totally having a mild procrastination attack.

Chelso Truth or Dare Truths:

Is there a celebrity you’d break off your current relationship for? Who is it?
    I would most definitely end my relationship for Chris Pratt. I could explain but I know I don’t need to.
Share your most embarrassing guilty pleasure.
My most embarrassing guilty pleasure is the shows I watch. I love trashy tv, my favorite guilty pleasure shows are Total Divas and Pretty Little Liars and of course Say Yes to the Dress
I would never ____.
        Drink and Drive
What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
        That it is totally ok for things not to go as planned, and that there is a possibilityy where things could turn out so much better than you planned for.
What’s under your bed right now?
       A box of beanie babies and a keyboard
What picture on your phone makes you the most happy?
     The picture of my fellow Mow in a hot dog suit holding a hotdog.
What’s your favorite drink?
        Coffee. A cappucino to be exact.
Have you ever deleted a status or pic because it didn’t get enough Likes? What was it about?
     I have actually and it was something passive aggressive that was directed at someone but then I felt stupid because there was a typo in it, so I took it down in shame.
    I also delted someone else post on my wall because I thought they were calling me fat but they were just saying I had a really cool personality that would make a fat person cool… It was mean but not mean to me… I guess?
What are your favorite smells?
        Peppermint, Pumpkin Pie, and Downey Fabric Softener
Fill in the blank: If I could kiss anyone right now, it would be ____.
       Chris Pratt, still thinking about him. Don’t Judge Me.
What one thing would you like to change about the world?
        People wouldn’t be able to fake smile.It is deciving and creepy plus I already can’t, I look like a electrocuted ventriuiliquist doll when I try to smile for pictures. So I feel like everyone should look as hideous as me.
What is at the top of your bucket list?
       Get my tattoo. If I make it through this semester I deserve one.
What were you doing the first time you got goose bumps?
        The first time I can remember was running around in the sprinklers during a summer night and eventually the temperature dropped.
What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
        The biggest risk I have ever taken is believing that the career I decided for myself when I was 15, is the right one. It has only brought me good things thus far.

So I apologize that that was probably not the epicness that you expected but I will plan in something this week that allows for me to do something worth posting!  But because it makes you happy and gives my brain an outlet I will include some random pictures from the internet. (This is when I type the first thought in my head into google images)

images images-2 Unknown-4 Unknown-1 images-1 Unknown-3 Unknown Unknown-2



Dear Lady Mobley of the Wistful Wombats,
Many people do not know the makings of our first conversation, I think it is important that they know, so it went a little like this:
Me: Hello! I’m Chelsea!

Maryanne: I’m Maryanne! Can I look in your purse?

Naturally I obliged, as to not show fear. Maryanne then went through my purse which is better described as a wasteland for all of my crap. I tried to keep a straight face as to not show immense embarrassment for the weird nature of my purse contents. At that point in time the most memorable item was a metal fork.

My goal for this sort of challenge or blog or whatever is to keep it real. At the end of the day I am a five year old boy and the closest I will come to batman’s utility belt is my purse. Lately I have tried to be more of a person and get my shit together for grad school and such so here is my very honest attempt to being a person.

First Thing First

Here is the purse. It is brown and gold and I like it. It was a birthday gift from my Grandma (The live one). It is different and frankly I have no idea what brand it is and I have no idea where to even look. It doesn’t really have any pockets so it serves as a black hole for all of my portable belongings.


Logically my wallet resides inside of the black hole. It has been the most durable wallet I have ever owned. It is easy to clean and fits all my crap I do and dont need. It is a Harvey’s wallet and was a gift from my mom. It is two years old and I won’t need a replacement for a long time. As you can see my wallet is cluttered like the rest of my life and really is separated into three areas. The left: which contains important things, The right: which includes important things as well as useless things, The middle: which to ordinary people would be referred to as the coin pouch, mine however never sees any coins due to laziness. The reason this pouch is mentioned is that every once in a while I forget how to person and put my debit card in there. I proceed to panic until I start thinking like a moron in order to retrace my steps. Here is what it looks like.
IMG_1969 IMG_0300

The next item is also another gift from my mom. It is a little pouch that is essentially a real woman’s emergency kit. There are things from band aids to a little deodorant wipe for those times you forget how to person (guilty as charged). There is a little thing of mouth wash, dental floss, and even a make up remover toilette. It is compact and pretty cute. Well here is a picture! ( sorry the first one is upside down. I have a bad case of the dumbs and cant fix it)
IMG_0306 IMG_0307

Now for the big items I just had on me today. We have my keys with their signature puff ball from the lovely store of Daiso as well my Kindle Fire.
IMG_0302 IMG_0301

Now comes the fun part! All of the random stuff that pooled at the bottom of the black hole. Most of this stuff is pretty self explanatory. I have a movie stub from march (Still Alice, a great movie if you want to be depressed), A half open piece of spearmint gum that will never be eaten. Burt’s Bees chapstick, One of the 14 nickels in my purse (yes 14), An off brand version of claritin. A pocket knife (see i’m batman), A lighter ( just in case someone asks for one), flashlight (flower power model), A wadded up receipt of undecipherable origin, a small toothpaste for sensitive teeth, tampon, and a multivitamin.
Moving on to the picture on the right: We have a handfull of spearmint life savers, my planner with checkbook shoved inside, a blonde hair tie, dental floss, hand sanitizer, a miniature of Jake the Dog from adventure time, A pen ( La Verne Represent), A hoard of random cards that have no use, and an old cellphone that is also a very reliable paper weight.

IMG_0304 IMG_0305

Well that’s what is in my purse! It is scary. But that is me trying to be a person! This is my request for your next post! Due the same Mern!

Forever and Ever, Life is a disaster,


Someone has been a bad bad oyster



Maryanne posted a whole TWO days late. Well it is time to pay the piper. I decided that for each day she was late the punishment was going to intensify. I wanted to do something that Maryanne is good at but something I would enjoy. Of course It will require an additional post (separate from her one per week) to let me fully enjoy this humiliation.

1. Maryanne must go to a public place with people bustling about with a sign that tells people to subscribe to my podcast. I want photo documentation.
2. Maryanne must ask five strangers to take a selfie with her. Of course photodocumentation is required.
3. Must include all photos in the post! 

I will give you two weeks to complete.



To my dearest Maryanne, my sparkling moonbeam and fluorescent flower scented ferret.
I find myself super excited for this upcoming arizona trip! I am stoked to see you and can’t wait. I have slowly been creating a list of things I want to do, but most importantly do with you…
1. Drink a little too much. I love the moments when just you and me are a little tipsier than everyone else. It makes me feel as funny as you think I am.
2. Go on a hike and complain about how hot it is while you and chris constantly tell me to be careful.
3. Go to woowoo stores. I am on the hunt for some lodestone and I don’t know if I will ever find it but hopefully you will bring me luck.
4. Talk into the wee hours of the morning.
5. Talk astrology and diagnose people in front of them as if they were not there.
6. Convince you that Captain America is not a Pansy Ass
7. Come up with more things to do together.

This week I haven’t really done much but think about what I could be or should be doing. I have been a stress case. As you probably have noticed from the surplus of texts between you and I. I went on a spontaneous trip yesterday that brought me all over southern california and I hope to do the same thing with you when you are out here.
In exciting news I got my fitbit! So my dieting life should get momentarily fun again! This post is more about updating you on my life. Even though you hear me talk about it all the time….. Well I’m broken.

What I love about Maryanne.

hotdogHerroh Mern! Suhprizeeee my post is about you! And all the things I most adore…about you.  I am also going to try to bring forth photo evidence.

I love that you are so comically weird. Shamlessly outlandish.

I love that you say exactly what your thinking without wasting time on finesse.
I love that you are strong and endure despite full realization of how truly strong you are.
I love that you laugh at almost all my dumb jokes.

I love that you cant paraphrase to save you life.

I love that you find beauty in the most ugly and broken things.

I love that you love making people uncomfortable because its funny.

Lastly its pretty sweet that we are pretty awesome pretty cool friends.


Sorry it was kind of short but this is what I felt like doing for mine!

With an awkward smile and an uncomfortable smile,

Greetings! How about an Introduction?

In order to get to know us better and really get into the blogging spirit lets do an “About Me”. Give us a gist of your personality then pick ten items you simply can’t live without. Also in this introduction pick what day a week you will post by! Every week we will be required to post something whether it be a list of what we did this week or simply a fun internet challenge you read about. Or maybe a question or an article? Craft pictures! You name it!
However… There does need to be some motivation to keep on track, if you fail to post late without a legitimate excuse the other Mow gets to pick your punishment. Sounds fair to me. Looking forward to hearing from you!