Things! Things! Things!

Toooooo Manny Thhhhhhiiiiiinnnnngssss

I am a person of many things, merny morbles. We have had endless countless conversations about hoarding and so forth and trying to get rid of things. I have some things that I don’t exactly need that I just can’t seem to throw away. I think it would be fair to call it “duplicating”. I have made a comprehensive list of things that I have too many of, for many of these items having two of something is too many… I hope you enjoy!


Here is a list in no particular order

  • Hairbrushes (5+)
  • Toothbrushes(5+)
  • Sunglasses(5+)
  • Athletic Shoes (9+)
  • Navy Hoodies (8+)
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (a solid box’s worth)
  • Lotion (in previously mentioned box)
  • Body spray/perfume (also in the mystical box)
  • Waterbottles (3+)
  • Sports Bras (10?)
  • Bobby pins (an infinite amount yet maybe four are where they should be)
  • Nail polishes that I actually don’t use (4)
  • Teenage Paranormal Fiction ( any is too many)
  • Cavities ( My last check up I had 6)
  • Contacts in my phone ( 78% I have never called)
  • Unread Emails (couple hundred?)
  • Email addresses ( who knows)
  • Screen Names from AIM circa 2006 (15+)
  • Chapstick (10)
  • Cravings for food I can’t eat (infinite)
  • Sweaters ( I live in California so they are worthless)
  • People I don’t like
  • Stress
  • Pre programmed radio stations (5)
  • Stuffed Animals that I remember the name (60 +)
  • Unopened deodorants (6)
  • Unpaired socks ( I couldn’t even get close to an actual number)
  • Trips to the bathroom (yeah just too many, cant give you a number do to irregularity)
  • Headphones/ear buds (4+)
  • Things in my room that are not mine (my family treats my rooms like the room of requirement)
  • Old bills (A file folders worth)
  • Freckles ( at least 25)
  • Coffee Creamer bought for me that I can’t ingest (1)
  • Second Place trophies (8+)

Well I think that is a list that will help you get an idea of what I hoard in my home town. I am super excited for you to be here next week! How exciting, although hilariously I have found out that most of people are going to be out of town but we will figure out someway to entertain ourselves!