TODAY is the DAY

Hello Mow, this is Mow, and I am super excited to see you again. You are going to touch your feet on the beautiful Ontario soil.

The weird thing is that ontario is not much of a place. I mean it exists, don’t get me wrong, it is a tangible things but on its own there is nothing to be inherently excited about. I mean it has things and places to go but it is not aclectic or anything. If Ontario was a wedding its theme would be wedding. It is not a bad thing there is just not much to imagined. I love this place for the people that live in it. There are alos things to do and an hour drive to the beach is never a bad thing. I promise that you will not be overwhelmed at its beauty when you get off of the plane.
We will also be spending plenty of time in Rancho Cucamonga or (Alta Loma) as us ritzy people call it (refer to my driver’s license). Unfortunately you have heard of this place through Workaholics. Although I do not particularly like drug humor the fake Rancho Cucamonga tourism video is pretty hilarious and accurate. I will provide the link : Welp. It has been deleted, here is my source for that: The Saddest Sub-reddit ever (literally it has five comments).
ahhhhh I can’t get it to stop…. HalPPPP

Well its making me do this so I guess this is how it has to be. I suppose I cant really prepare you for what is to come your way. I do however like our smog better than Phoenix smog. So you know perks.

It is also very exciting for me that you get to see where I grew up and where all of my stories take place. I want to drive past my highschool so you can see where everyone hated/respected/ignored me. I can’t say that you will love it but I do have confidence that if anyone can see the charm in the Inland Empire it is you.

The weather will also be nice this weekend in the high 80’s which is bad for the beach but whatever. I mean I am pretty sure that the water stays there regaurdless of how hot it is so thats cool. I am pretty much just rambling at you.

Oh and also Miss Maryanne you are in deep caca de gato, because I didn’t see any posts from this week missie and you still have punishments in progress.  Tsk. Tsk.

Alright now I am going to insert some random pictures that I liked from the internet

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