I lost my thing

Dear Chelso,

We watched the Chopped series with Ted Allen and his rugged face stubble – emphasizing the outdoorsness of a grill-off. It was everything you talked it up and more and I needed you to know this.

Right before I started to write this I decided to make my own cold brew coffee with this ground espresso that is too finely ground to actually use for espresso. I asked for it ground very fine and they practically made me a clay powder that clogs up my espresso tools every time I try to use it. I’ve been truly stumped by this stuff. However – last night as I was watching a Hulu advertisement with a cute old man talking highly about Starbucks employee life – I came up with the idea to stick the powder in a couple of those tea bags we bought at Diaso and leave it in some water overnight. Time will only tell if this is a success or not. I’m assuming it might be such a fine powder that it finds its way through the tea bags and ends up all at the bottom of the pitcher. This is what I find invigorating these days.

Chelso I loved your recommendation list and I hope I get to see your dress at some point! I personally really enjoy our reviews of things and I also enjoy having opinions about random stuff.

I recently decided that I wanted to go through my clothes and toss out a bunch of stuff I don’t wear to prep for the future move. I dumped all of my clothes in the middle of the floor and maybe worked my way through a fifth of my belongings. The remainder has been in the middle of my floor for about two weeks now. It’s definitely not the only thing hazardously left in my sick-path. It’s that moment where you wake up from your sick haze and realize how much of a mess you’ve become. I recall a similar feeling after being done with finals in college – just emerging from the chaos and noticing that somehow my life now resembles something of a tornado wreckage. I’m hopeful to get back on track this weekend. Much like my makeshift coldbrew, only time will tell.

I promise next time I’ll have something more exciting to say – but in the meantime this is all I have. You are lovely Chelso and I look forward to your next post!


If Mow Had Magic

Dearest Chelsmow,

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of the book (The Wise Man’s Fear) when I wait for my silly roommate to get off work between my shift and hers. Ive hit some really weird points in the book admittedly, but am nonetheless happy that I’m only at 60% through and still have a long ways to go. Otherwise I’d have to start turning to all of my unread books on my shelf that will pale in comparison to the glory that is this series.

But one thing that I’m having a lot of fun with is recalling the things you would say about the book before I had ever laid my hands or eyes on it. It’s been fun trying to remember the assumptions I made from your comments in the beginning, like looking at old photographs and trying to figure out what I was thinking about. One comment of yours that stood out to me was when you said how (don’t mind my paraphrasing) the book made you sometimes wish that magic was real in the world. I’ve had a blast imagining what the world would be like with people calling the names of elements and using sympathy to do things. But it’s made me wonder what element you would think you’d be drawn to? I think mine would be water because water speaks to my little desert soul. It yearns for it even though it’s a powerful element I will never quite understand.

But if I DID understand it and have its true name, these are the ways in which I would use them in my daily life:

  • Remove water from a windshield during a storm.
  • Swish the water in my bladder some when it hurts to dislodge bacteria.
  • Ask it to moisturize my hair.
  • Be able to tell if water was drinkable or not.
  • Push things in water out of the way so I wouldn’t ever have to panic about it.
  • Master watercolor.

Chelso, what element do you think you’d be drawn to in the Kingkiller world? What real life applications would you do with it?

I miss you and all your Tesla vibes. Thank you for being a thumb hero. 👍đŸģI’m sending you good vibes wherever you are!