She Sings, and then She Doesn’t


You know how weird it feels trying to buy your friends mattress? Super weird. It’s like asking for someone’s old tissue because you want to use it. But it’s only like this when the person perceives it as trash. Asking people for their trash is uncomfortable.

Regardless, I’m trying to replace things I hate in my apartment nor that I’m becoming an independent adult. One of those things is my broken bed. So it’s time to say goodbye to things. And it’s an interesting sensation getting rid of things you once loved and being fine with it.

I tried to celebrate my birthday this year out on the town. I’ve always had a gathering at my place in the past, but I was tired of boring people and went off and celebrated the way other people do. Problem was that I hadn’t seen a lot of these people in a while due to travel and start of new job. So the bars were too loud to hear each other, the stickys for my shoes were gone so they cut up my feet, and we wandered into a western bar with a group that doesn’t like country music. But the lines were so long getting into anywhere that it wasn’t worth going somewhere else. Needless to say, it was awkward and everybody left early.

My parents came the next day, and my mom was very eager to go to an establishment much like Baja Fresh. So I took them to Rubios and it was a hit surprisingly! They loved it and exchanged fish tacos. Usually recommending things to my parents doesn’t pan out well, but this time was different. I also showed them the antique shop I love and they nerded out completely. It was a pleasure having them in town on Sunday, even though I spent all of Saturday cleaning for it haha. They certainly kept me busy.

i am learning how to manage my time. I turn into a pumpkin at ten these days and it’s difficult shoving things between 5-10pm. 5 hours of being human isn’t enough. I’m stumbling into adulthood.

but I think of you often miss Chelso! I am jealous of your endeavors but I’m happy to be applying myself to something. Learning to manage myself in a way I never have before. I hope you don’t mind this post is a bit rambly, I’m just feeling really thoughtful today.