Dear Chelso Mow,

Upon careful review of your request, I would like to come to an agreement that it is in fact the best idea ever. We have both slacked and I think this is a great way to get the ball rolling again. I am also privy to YouTube idea I would love to have YouTube channel together. I tried to think of a way to widen the span of punishments as I love the idea of making videos as a punishment. However, upon a lot of thought I realized yours 1. does not spend any money 2. use body if injured 3. put pressure on other participant to creatively think of punishment and have them feel bad for being bad guy 4. doesn’t require a lot of prep 5. still deters. It’s truly artistic how well you crafted this and I want you to know how thoroughly I admire it.

We may need to adjust official posting schedule. Although I think I’m still fine with Mondays.

Chelso Mow I look forward to this new arrangement. May the posting begin!


Someone has been a bad bad oyster



Maryanne posted a whole TWO days late. Well it is time to pay the piper. I decided that for each day she was late the punishment was going to intensify. I wanted to do something that Maryanne is good at but something I would enjoy. Of course It will require an additional post (separate from her one per week) to let me fully enjoy this humiliation.

1. Maryanne must go to a public place with people bustling about with a sign that tells people to subscribe to my podcast. I want photo documentation.
2. Maryanne must ask five strangers to take a selfie with her. Of course photodocumentation is required.
3. Must include all photos in the post! 

I will give you two weeks to complete.