I lost my thing

Dear Chelso,

We watched the Chopped series with Ted Allen and his rugged face stubble – emphasizing the outdoorsness of a grill-off. It was everything you talked it up and more and I needed you to know this.

Right before I started to write this I decided to make my own cold brew coffee with this ground espresso that is too finely ground to actually use for espresso. I asked for it ground very fine and they practically made me a clay powder that clogs up my espresso tools every time I try to use it. I’ve been truly stumped by this stuff. However – last night as I was watching a Hulu advertisement with a cute old man talking highly about Starbucks employee life – I came up with the idea to stick the powder in a couple of those tea bags we bought at Diaso and leave it in some water overnight. Time will only tell if this is a success or not. I’m assuming it might be such a fine powder that it finds its way through the tea bags and ends up all at the bottom of the pitcher. This is what I find invigorating these days.

Chelso I loved your recommendation list and I hope I get to see your dress at some point! I personally really enjoy our reviews of things and I also enjoy having opinions about random stuff.

I recently decided that I wanted to go through my clothes and toss out a bunch of stuff I don’t wear to prep for the future move. I dumped all of my clothes in the middle of the floor and maybe worked my way through a fifth of my belongings. The remainder has been in the middle of my floor for about two weeks now. It’s definitely not the only thing hazardously left in my sick-path. It’s that moment where you wake up from your sick haze and realize how much of a mess you’ve become. I recall a similar feeling after being done with finals in college – just emerging from the chaos and noticing that somehow my life now resembles something of a tornado wreckage. I’m hopeful to get back on track this weekend. Much like my makeshift coldbrew, only time will tell.

I promise next time I’ll have something more exciting to say – but in the meantime this is all I have. You are lovely Chelso and I look forward to your next post!


Chelso Reviews

Hi Maryanne!

I always enjoy the posts where we review products or various things. I decided to do one. Because it could be a post with some actual point (which is rarity for me).

Hair Lightening Products. 

Lately I have been considering lightening my hair. My current color is to dark and my hair is too stressed and damage to handle lightening, so I’ve been using products that are supposedly easy on the hair. Now, I have color treated hair so it is not as effective but here are two solutions I tried.

John Frieda Hair Lightening Product 

I got it in the clearance section of Target. Now all of these products say not to use images.jpegon color treated hair, but I’m not trying to look blonde blonde as much as just lighter. My hair is jacked up so I wasn’t too concerned.  The product itself was effective. Since my hair is long it only lasted about 3-6 treatments. My hair did lighten and it didn’t seem to damage my hair anymore than it already is. However, the smell was really gross. It didn’t smell like chemicals or clean but like dirty mop water.

How It Works: After you wash your hair you spray it all over and style as usual. So the smell would kind of get baked in.

If it mixed it with other products you couldn’t smell it but it wasn’t my favorite. Eventually I got used to it and it maybe lightened my hair two shades.( I should change lightened to altered) Despite the smell I would do it again if it were on sale.

Apple Cider Vinegar: As part of my hair lightening adventure I decided to seek out a more “natural” approach to hair lightening after my stinky spray ran out. It was also supposed to double as a conditioner and shine treatment.

How It Works: You make sure your hair is wet and then you put one tablespoon of Vinegar with One cup of Water. You mix it in a spray bottle and spray liberally. It was unclear if I was supposed to use all of it, so I took the Maryanne approach and used all of it. It took a long time to spray on. I ended up putting more vinegar then they said. Then you are supposed to let it soak for 30 minutes and wash it out.

What Happened: I ended up combing it as I went along which may have made it not soak into my hair very much. it did function as a dentangler and made my hair soft. It was not a permanent soft, and did not actually condition my hair as much as make it ok for a little while. I’m going to try it again. It may have made my hair slightly lighter but I’m not convinced.  Here is a picture of apple cider vinegar in case you don’t know what it looks like for some reason. Symmetry is important to me. Or not because WordPress hates me. I’m leaving this bit in because its silly.

Ulta Salon

I shared with you how I felt about Ulta. I felt like I was too frumpy to be there. However, I ended up there because my hair was desperate for a deep condition, and I was too embarrassed to go to my hair dresser after playing science experiment with my hair. I also was not ready for a haircut and didn’t want to get yelled at by her. So I decided to go to Ulta because it was regionally close to me. The girl was actually really sweet, and she did a good job handling my hair and took her time. I got compliments on it all day, and if you go in the morning it is literally a ghost town. The prices were kind of high, but not really in comparison to what I am used to paying. For a style and deep conditioning treatment it was 48 dollars. It took her two hours, but she did a beautiful job. Would recommend.  None of my pictures are working. Kill me. So I will describe it vividly where the picture should be.

*There is a row of chairs in a white salon. Could literally be anywhere. I felt like I needed a picture. The chairs are black.

Ordering Clothes Off Amazon: 

I recently needed a dress for a concert I want to go to. I wanted a white one with sleeves to cover my arm chub. I hate cap sleeves and I didn’t want to shop so I thought I would try amazon. I found a darling dress for 30 bucks that fit perfectly. The reviews were trustworthy on sizing which was impressive because most clothing cites haven’t figured that one out. I did predict the dress to be more sheer than advertise so i bought a slip. It worked out great.

*here is a picture of the dress and amazon logo. My efforts are not being shown. It’s white, has a zipper and lace. It’s really cute and I am angry you can’t see it.


Well I think good things come in threes so I will stop there. (I know it’s technically four but whatever). It was not an exciting post but my life is not exciting. I hope you found this useful. It’s ok if you didn’t, I wont cry.

May you have a week filled with blessings, sprinkles, and gluten free shampoo.





DISCLAIMER* I am still working on my video. I’ve been living on a rock and don’t see people very often, but it is in the making. I promise. I’m at three now.

Random Pile


Dear Chelso,

Im visiting my family after a week of having the plague. My stress over potentially moving and general life obstacles broke down my flimsy immune system and I came down with a terror cold. I couldn’t cover it up with medicines to at least appear normal at work so people promptly also treated me like I had the plague until I caved and went home. I was also too scared to order an uber home because I couldn’t stand the idea it might be someone who also thinks I have the plague and have them sweating about it for a 20 minute ride with me. So I took the long-ass train home.

I made brief attempts to return to work after that day, but I realized I still felt like crap and that clearly my coworkers would not be happy even if I did. So I have moved on to see my family in town for the week. On the way to my parents there is this long empty field that’s almost completely empty of shrubbery expect for one lone tree. I started to notice it in college on my travels back and forth from home and it made me hopeful sometimes. This tree somehow beat all the odds of living in this area where it must not be easy to live. Other times it made me sad cause of how lonely it looked. I acknowledge it every time I pass. I think when you picked me up from my apartment that one time to rescue me I tried to point out the tree. I have vague memories of trying to show you. But either way the recent rains have made everything beautiful and green and cows are all over the place taking advantage of the greens. Yesterday on my way to my parents the lonely tree had a cow laying underneath its shade with another cow nearby. And I know it sounds dumb Chelso and maybe it’s just sick-cold brain thinking things but seeing it brightened my whole day. My lonely tree was being visited.

I love time with family though and I’m prepared to have a fun weekend now that the stressful decisions are finally over for the moment. Thank you so much Chelso for helping me out at the end there, I was about to lose my marbles and once again your words brought me assurance and guidance.

Sorry this post is just random but I’m just swimming in cold medicine induced thoughts. For example, I think I finally figured out what the psychic lady meant when she asked if I was a Scorpio and I said no I’m a Leo and she said I should always be more Leo. I always wondered if she was putting down scorpios or if my energy was like the negative aspects of one or something. But this morning I woke up and realized she meant I should just be myself the best I can instead of being a shittier version of something else.

Chelso good luck with school as always I look forward to seeing this punishment video! I’m anxiously awaiting it.


Reviewing More Things

Dear Chelso,

Today, sitting on the train I saw a guy that looked like the guy I knew from work get on it to ride to work. I realized that I had seen him many times on the train but because I had only recently met him – I did not realize it until that moment. It seemed like such a fascinating thing to me upon realizing it, but coworkers just tried to make it weird when I attempted to bring it up. I need to join a club that discusses the mildly interesting aspects of coincidences.

As the title would imply, I have a couple of random things to review. I enjoy doing this so I hope you enjoy reading it.

Item: Daiso Lint Remover || Feeling: GOOD


This was a weird purchase when I shopped with you Chelso and I really love this little machine. I remember specifically buying this and thinking that I’d never have a purpose for it because I don’t have lint on my things. WRONG. I apparently have double the amount of lint that I thought I had and have already effortless removed lint from jacket arms, bed sheets, sweaters and pants. I don’t know if you’ve used yours yet, but all the lint rolls itself into a nasty little ball at the end of the process which just adds to its mysticism.

Item: Night In the Woods || Feeling: Holy Mow


In the last couple of months, my roommate and I split the funds to purchase a PS4. If you recall though, my hand is a mess and therefore the conventional games do not really apply to me even though I enjoy watching them. This game, however, is gimp friendly. It’s a small game about a being a cat. You get to jump around and do cat things, and may or may not be a college dropout with the social troubles of daily life. It’s a really fun game that I got really immersed in. Is that because it’s the first game I’ve played in a year or more? Maybe. But it’s also very well written and draws you into the plot easily. It is also easy and great for people with no thumbs. I would honestly highly recommend. Apparently there’s even a version that can be played on the computer, so it is not based on whether or not you own a PS4.

Item: Melatonin || Feeling: Chelso was right


I remember long ago you had me try some of this stuff before we all went to sleep. I had never tried it at the time and thought that it was okay. Nothing incredible, but I also never really had sleeping issues at that time. Now that I’ve developed sleeping issues like the rest of the world, I have purchased my own bottle because Chelso you were so right. I just want to rub in how right you were because you were so right it helps you sleep so well. It’s also apparently gluten free.

On a side note, a coworker of mine try to implicate that my gluten issues may be imaginary.

I expect to have a video from you soon!

Sparkles and Rainbows,


New Leafs – Turning Them Over


I grabbed one of my notebooks for the first day of work and opened the first page to this glorious masterpiece. It now starts every one of my days in training on a bright note.

Four days into new job and I realize that I hate sitting in traffic. It is about an hour extra in each direction. This turns my 40 hour work week into a 50 hour work week – plus whatever extra time I need to get ready ahead of time. I know many people who have suffered this fate every work day, but I have never truly experienced it until now. I might attempt to find other ways into work like the train or something. Although, I have heard that is where all the weird people lurk. I very much miss living 8 minutes from work and will very likely need to invest in an audible account soon.

But I am learning interesting things – and the view is nice. People from all walks of life are among my colleagues and our fabulous Gemini leader is moulding us to be what we need to be. I honestly haven’t missed being in school. I don’t miss the constant guilt associated with not doing homework 24/7 and I don’t miss the financial lean on my life or losing my mind at finals. But the training situation is making me realize that I actually miss school.

The elevator freaks me out and shakes as it goes up. I’m starting to be able to spot the claustrophobic people as they will hold their breath the entire ride.

On the note of achieving my New Years resolutions – I’m pretty sure one of my ukulele strings is threatening to rip. I have learned a sing song composed of four cords. Also I am very much struggling with rhythm and will eventually have to give in to a metronome app.

I would like to mention that yesterday was the second time (the other time being at your ceremony) that I have stabbed my own hand trying to get out the pit of an avocado. Sorry that this post is short but I will have a more cohesive post next round.

P.S. – I overheard some savage today at CVS talking about how she eats baby food for snacks.

Common Courtesy… Kinda

Dear Mows,

I suppose I have been in a whiny mood, but here are my thoughts on courtesy:

Things that seem like common courtesy to me, but apparently are not:

  • Using a seriffed font. I remember distinctly the day in 6th grade where we talked about writing papers on the computer. We learned about proper MLA format. We also received a general education about computer courtesy. Like yellow was impossible to read, and black font over blue background will give you a stroke. We also learned that san-serifed fonts are more difficult to read. It turns out a lot of people do not know the difference between a seriffed font, and a san seriffed font. A seriffed font (like Times New Roman) has little lines at the end of each segment of a letter. It is hard to explain, but if you look at fonts like Arial and compare them to courier it becomes very clear. It takes your brain longer, and requires more effort to read a san serif font because your brain sees the letters as single entities. A serrifed font makes the entity the word instead of the letter. Granted, I have not looked up this information since, but I trust my 6th grade science teacher, oddly I can’t remember their name but this stuck with me. Test it out. Read a page in Times New Roman, then read it in Arial, the difference maybe small but it’s there. I also tend to feel more exhausted after reading a san-serrifed font. (You can imagine my dismay when Microsoft Word switched to Calibri instead of TNR).
  • Say “Bless You” if you are going to turn around and stare at me when I sneeze. I notice this a lot with people who are not from western countries. I know that this is because “Bless You” comes from weird Protestantism fears of your soul leaving your body during a sneeze, but I personally appreciate the gesture. I figure it is the daily equivalent of saying “I’m sorry” after someone loses a loved one. We all know that that person (hopefully) wasn’t the cause of death of said love one, but it’s become a way to say “I’m sorry you are dealing with that”. It is the same with a sneeze. Saying “Bless You” is like saying, “Hey. I don’t know you but, sneezing isn’t fun. Good luck with the rest of your day, and I hope you don’t sneeze anymore. I am a human; my body does human things too. I don’t like it. Ok bye.” See I appreciate a “Bless you” I really do. I am always amazed during exams when people still say it even though their little academic lives are on the line. However, I don’t require it. If you don’t want to say it, because you see differently than me that is totally fine; Just don’t turn around and stare at me like I ran over your first born child just because I made a loud uncontrollable noise with a weird look on my face.
  • People who eat out and then say they are too poor to tip. If you can’t tip, you can’t eat out. Sorry.
  • If someone buys an appetizer for the table take a bite, unless you have an allergy. I recently was at a dinner with a group of people, and there is one girl who hates me for existing. I bought chips and salsa for the table. Instead of taking some of the chips I purchased she bought her own. (Granted this probably goes passed courtesy and into “Don’t be a Douche”.
  • Don’t dig through someone’s stuff while they are gone. Living with multiple people, and those people being related to me, people going into my room to find things is a common occurrence. If you don’t see it upon immediate entry or in plain view; you need to turn around and leave, not dig through my drawers. I keep weird things in there, and it won’t be comfortable for either of us.
  • Be Mindful of your (and your children’s) elbows. As I write this I have been elbowed in the back twice. The third time I elbow back.
  • Don’t Flirt with People who are with their parents. It is awkward and gross. The male employees at the Starbucks near my house enjoy “grade school” flirting with me every time I go there. Regardless of who I am with. It’s dumb and creepy. When I pulled up to the window they were all standing there for the full purpose of staring at me.



Dumb Shit that Pissed Me Off This Week

Dear Maryanne, 

This is a controlled rant of dumb shit that pissed me off this week. Some of it bothered me on a deep emotional level, some of it was probably me being stressed. Whatever. Enjoy. 

I am currently at Barnes and Noble. This guy is sitting at the table across from me, and thinks its ok for him to stare at me. Sometimes Directly other times with using the reflection of the window. He has dumb stickers on his laptop, most of which are baseball. Screw that guy.


People who finish exams three minutes early and then make a big show about being done early. Sit your ass back down, you are too lazy to proof read. I get it.

A target employee decided to have a full on conversation with her friend instead of handing me my receipt. I awkwardly stood there while she complained that her boyfriend doesn’t give her enough attention. My theory is that he gives her plenty but she is too busy holding someone’s receipt to notice anything that is actually going on around her.

I hate it when people put the subject of their email as what they want. Don’t send me a bodiless email. There is a reason the email provider says, “are you sure you want to send this email without a body”. It’s because its rude and ugly. This was also a professional office. A guy from a bank sent me a bodiless email.

People who don’t text back, but then say “long time no talk.” yeah. Because you didn’t write back.

When someone says, “I’ll get it to you tomorrow” and then sends it two days later and has the audacity to call you 15 minutes after it was sent to confirm if you got it.

I ordered a sandwhich without tomatoes and the lady behind the counter says, “this sandwhich is really better with tomatoes, are you sure you want them without.” I say, “Yes I”m sure, thanks though” her response, “I’ll just put them on the side.” Why this woman wants me to throw tomatoes in the trash, I will never know.

Also, I refuse to spell sandwhich correctly. Just a side note.

I already vented about the idiot trying to give me advice. So we’ll just leave it at that.

I think that is most of the hate I have been harboring, thank you for being a lovely mow and always listening to me through my dumb problems. I am beyond excited to see you! we are going to have a christmas blast or something or whatever. speaking of which: I hate that dumb christmas song about the hula-hoop. I hope who ever made that is dead. 

Also I typed in Annoy and Hate into the iphone gif finder, and it found me this garbage:


Here is the real stuff. Here is what happened when I googled “garbage hate”( oddly turned out to be one of my favorite searches, mainly for variety):

When the week fatigues you

Well Ms. Maryanne Mow, First I must respond to your paraphrased question that you thought I had raised. Although it was no where close, I will oblige. What element do I seek to control?

I am always drawn to stone, or earth or whatever it is you call it. It is comfort, power, strength, and steadfastness. I often get pegged as someone who would want to master fire. I understand it and that exists within me, because of the ambition and the ferocity of it, I see how it matches me but at my heart I am earth. Everything I do is to fortify myself as person and my surrounding. The problem with fire is that I seek control, and fire does it’s own bidding and requires some elasticity, which I regrettably do not possess. (I apologize for my broken grammar, my brain has is goo.)  There is power in al things but the earth is what I would wish to be part of and understand. I feel that it is an underated element, but it is one with which I align.

This week has been a trip, a roller coaster, and an adventure. I have been all over the place, been up and down, and have had unforeseen experiences. I have arrived at the steep incline of the semester and my stone aspects are being tested as the other elements try to wear away at me. I let them shape me but not wear me down to nothing, I’m hoping that something beautiful will happen, and I will turn into a grand canyon of a person without feeling like too much of the old me is missing. Midterms approach and I travel on, I will do my due diligence and hope for the best. It never feels like enough, ever, but that has been my driving force since birth, and Never Enough is the strongest motivator. I apologize for slipping in and out of metaphor but I finished an obnoxious amount of homework a little while ago and my brain is in limbo between functioning and breaking. Although my studies are a constant struggle, socially I have grown almost immeasurably.

I made a goal this week to be more warm and approachable and I succeeded while simultaneously exceeding my expectations. All I did was smile more and people ate me up. I let the warmth in me be at my surface and I was received well by almost everyone. I just didn’t know that getting people to like you was this easy. It also helps that I am genuinely happy to be at school, because school is a gift when you love what you are doing. And I love it. Every grueling assignment I am thankful for having done. To be filled with gratitude is amazing, and it is hard to righteous when you have been given the gift of immersing yourself into your passion. I am honestly the best version of myself, and its nuts. The voice inside me that always wishes for me is running out of things to wish for and it is quite a blessing. So while I don’t get good sleep and I am constantly stressed I am not unhappy, really quite the opposite.

I was happy to hear about you and your car! That is an amazing accomplishment. I hope you vroom vroom on out here! During school is too stressful but soon. Very soon. If Chris is still around we are planning on going to Arizona in December after my school gets out. Hopefully I will see you then for certain! I do not have a lot of energy to post much more but I will give you some random pictures. I am going to type out the words first and then look for them. So here we go:

  1. Spinach Cat
  2. Old Man Grapfruit
  3. Happy Ladel
  4. Sandwich Lady
  5. Grandpa Squirrel
  6. Fat Skittles
  7. Lumpy House
  8. Angry Gerbil Pie
  9. Turtle Teacher Tricks
  10. Grumpy Chedda
  11. Unknown-5 Unknown-1 Unknown-5images-3 Unknown-4 images-1 images-2 images Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown

Questions of Peculiar Importance Meets Chelso Mow

I will answer your questions. That is All.


Would she rather go sky diving or scuba diving?

100% I would rather sky dive, assuming some weirdo is strapped to my back and will do all the heavy lifting for me. I hate the idea of being trapped under water or my lungs exploading if I move to fast. I don’t like the idea of not being able to run away from all the stuff in the ocean. I do not have a phobia of the ocean I just don’t like things with limited escape. Sky diving is over relatively quickly so even though I don’t really have a desire to jump out of plane, I’d pick that one.

If she could have one more gluten meal without any consequence, what would it be?(my last gluten meal) 

I would eat loaves and loaves of fresh baked breads followed by brownies and then more bread. I would miss fresh bread the most. The other stuff I can substitute for other things but fresh baked bread is too important to me to not give a proper good bye.

Is she modern or classic?

This one I don’t have an immediate answer to. I’m too aggressive to be classic but I’m not progressive enough to be modern. I do at times like sleek furniture and often find peace in hotel rooms with this attire but classic can be comfortable. When I think of “modern” and “classic” as it pertains to women, I think of “classic” being a housewife and “modern” being a woman who has a job and doesn’t want children right away. However Classic also tends to go with “classy and respectable” which is important to me but only as far the work place and mutual respect. I am honestly somewhere in between. But if I go off of what I think of then I would say more modern.

Does she like to stay in to watch movies, or go out?

Go out for movies 100%. It is my one true escape in life. It is my biggest hobby and one that I love sharing with people I care about. I have too short of an attention span to watch movies at home. I pause them or end up playing on my phone.

Would she rather feel like she’s constantly about to sneeze for an entire year, or constantly feel like she had an eyelash in her eye for an entire year if she had to have one or the other.

I will take the sneezing because at least when I actually sneeze I will get a moment of relief, and I hate having to squint. I would gouge my eye out.

Now I will raise you five more questions with my own answers.

Are you usually late, right on time, or early?

I am almost always early. I prefer to be there ahead of the game because it takes away the general anxiety that comes with being a person.

What three things do you find the most beautiful?

I would have to say I find the moment when you discover something that may have just been made for you. Sometimes there are those moments where you feel connected to something instantly. For me it was the moment Chris showed me Bookmans in Flagstaff. It had been closed for over a year and I didn’t even know what a Bookmans was. We happened to stumble upon Bookmans on my last day in town before Winter break which happened to be its re grand opening. It was snowing so we ran through the parking lot, smiling through the cold, and when I walked in the entire store was bustling. Filled to the brim with the most unique people I had ever seen. I found my way to the used book section and found a copy of East of Eden from the year I was born. That was the first Christmas present Chris ever gave me. I find moments like that beautiful. Nothing spectacualry beautiful about it but that memory is still rich with awe and did not become jaded when I became a regular there. That memory is pure.

I am also a sucker for the California Coast Line. Particularly up north. I love seeing the redwoods next to the ocean. The cliffs and jagged rocks just do it for me.

Finally, I love a moonless sky in a lightless city. I love seeing all the stars to the point where you can’t see any constellations because the sky is too polluted with stars to follow any patterns.

What is your favorite part of the Human face and why?

I think I would have to say mouths are my favorite. People like eyes, and I like eyes too, but I find that a lot of expression comes from the mouth and how someone reacts to their mouth.  I think it is a good indicator of personality.

What do you think would be the hardest for you to give up?

Coffee. Coffee is love and Coffee is life. It makes me happy and comforts me and quells my sweet cravings when they get out of control. I would be 60% less of who I was if I didn’t have coffee.

What is the last thing you drew a picture of?

The last thing I drew a picture of was a man that resembled a mango.

So those are my questions that I hope to see in your next post!

Also I would like you to admit responsibility for those cinnamon rolls. I told you not to put that much butter on them but you didn’t listen YOU didn’t listen. Those are on you and Paula Deen’s Conscious, Mow.

But wait there’s more! I didn’t feel like doing random pictures this week, but I typed in “cranky catipillar sandwich” for the featured image.

Chelso is oh so Gross-o

Because I am gross. 


So I have taken it upon myself to name each of those little “oh god” that happen after you eat at certain restaurants. I am of the opinion that each one is slightly different and has a specific effect. I hope you enjoy.

  1. The Rubio’s Rumbles
  2. Domino’s Drip Drops
  3. In n out Slow Implosions
  4. Panda Express Eruptions
  5. Chipotle Odorous Show in Tell
  6. Mcdonalds Mccramps and Mcraps
  7. Del Taco Gas Factory
  8. TacoBell Tummy Tantrum
  9. Starbuck’s Coffee Spurts
  10. BurgerKing Backwards Bulimia
  11. Carl’s Jr. Three Day Journey

Due to my busy schedule I have eaten a lot more fast food than I had intended. This is by no means a complete list but it has been a fun little exercise in creativity and bodily functions. It is not exactly the most lady like thing to discuss but it is not my fault that humor and femininty don’t go together.

I have also been a bad girl and started drinking soda again because”I need caffeine” . Luckily I have been working out like a fiend to combat obesity but I think I am going to give it up again this week.

All the extra sugar has not made my skin happy, like it is super pimply, you would think I washed my face with old Carl’s Jr. frier oil.

Imagine driving up to the Carl’s Jr. Window with an empty Neutrogena Face Wash bottle and “asking for a refill”. 

I don’t think anything else gross has really happened to me, other then my innate ability to find gum that has been stuck to a bottom of a desk.

I also found an old muffin wrapper under my carseat. That was pretty gross.

Well that is why I am disgusting.

Now Time for Random Pictures!

images-2 Unknown-1 images-3 images-5 images images-7 images-4 Unknown images-6images-8 Unknown-5 Unknown-4 Unknown-3