Where in the World is Chelso

Hello Ms. Mow,

I have about a half hour to kill so i figure I would post.

My week has been busy, travelling and what not, but I will do my best to provide you with a wee bit of entertainment.

I am writing at a Starbucks, that has a password… don’t tell anyone but the password is “starbucks”. Tricksters. So I figured this post would just be mainly about the dumb thoughts I’ve had lately. The kind that trickle in, and go away before ever getting shared.

There are a lot of words that we use the opposite of, but not the root word:




I have about twenty of them, but I can’t find my notebook where I wrote them down. So there is three for now.

Another conundrum I had this week: 

Does it make me immature or old, that I considered buying vans for 45 minutes because I like the idea of a shoe i don’t have to tie

Burning Life Questions:

Why do my finger nails on my ring finger grow so long suddenly over night?

Things Worth Buying: 

This is just a small list of things that I think I worth purchasing when a product is needed.

Need a camera? 

Get a Gopro.

I bought one for my trip, and although pricey I have had so much fun with it. I plan to make all sorts of weird videos and awesome pictures. The quality is rad as fuck, and its Chelsea-proof. I don’t think I could destory it unless I tried. There’s something magical about that.

Need a heat protection spray for your hair?

Get Tresemme Heat Protector

They sell it at target and it is the best one I’ve used by far. I’ve tried a lot of these over the years, and my hair doesnt like most of them. It gets filmy, or frizzes really bad after a couple of hours. My hair is super straight and its been three days. My hair normally doesn’t stay straight for more than a night.

At Starbucks? 

Get the Cascara Latte.

It is delicious, and is naturally sweet. it doesn’t have a lot of calories especailly if you get with anything aside from whole milk.

Now time for two random anecdotes: 

When I was on the plane, some weird guy, after doing the awkward “in my way dance” decided to flirt with me instead of letting me into the bathroom. Nothing is more unappealing to taken person that a weird guy on a plane hitting on her instead of letting her pee.

When I was riding the subway, I had a crazy lady with glitter on her eyelids yell at me in a different langauge while shaking a pearl bracelet. She was yelling something to the effect of “cookie choco cookie cookie choco” while pointing up.

I really wanted more for you, and I will have plenty when i am back safe and sound in the states, but here you go!

Remember that you are a mighty mow, that can defeat anything that stands in her way! 

– ChelsMow

Google Search: Travel Cow


Fun of Traveling


We all hate it. Long hours in cramped spaces. Packing yourself up with less and less space that costs more and more. Screaming babies, panicking flight attendants, and people with poor spatial awareness, all in one pressurized air tube.

Today I get to experience this colorful haze of glory in order to attend a family reunion. It’s going from one frying pan into another! You know the saying Chelso.

I have only found relief in this process by distracting myself with people watching, because there’s always something weird to look at in an airport. Currently I have people doing yoga in front of me, waiting at the gate. If nothing else, I would have missed this had I stayed home today.

This may be the last family reunion that this side of my family has for many many years to come. My grandma passed recently, and she was the glue that held this weird group together. And without her presence I doubt this weird group will come together to be weird in the future. I always have an awkward time with “lasts,” because there is an inherent importance with it that I never know what to do with other than to accept it. I also found that if I do more than just accept it I really just cry a lot. That’s what last means to me, lots of tears haha.

And I felt that you should know Chelsea, that the only thing I have been genuinely looking forward to is to finally use the silly blowup travel pillow you gave me.