Chelso Haz Knowledge Noow


Chelso Chelso Chelso,

So smart and brilliant and beautiful you are! I love hearing about you living the dream. I think I would be blind if I had to read as much as you have been having to. But I work with computers, so just give it some time I’ll still go blind.

I have also been super busy getting used to being an adult with a job. It’s fun being independent but holy moly so much to do! But here are some things that happened since I last posted:

  • cooked up some salmon and was surprised when it turned out well since I accidentally dumped half a cup of spicy mix on it.
  • drank 5 cups of laxative tea in two days to no avail.
  • drank halfway delicious box wine, a thing I though was impossible.
  • panicked briefly because I was worried some flowers my parents sent me to my work for my birthday were from someone creepy.
  • have found you were right about nail shaping, my nails have endured. Chelso mow is always right.
  • Got to see a tabacco pipe that was over 300 years old and was carved out of a tree wood that is now extinct.
  • got bored halfway through a party and took a nap on the persons couch among the festivities.
  • still have the pink toes going in perfect piggy condition.
  • ate, went running in 94 degrees, and threw up next to many couples trying to enjoy their night by the lake.
  • bought a new work shirt that has bunnies all over it(picture above).

I hope you are doing well Chelso! You are a champ that’s all I know. In the meantime I’m double fisting gum in hopes of getting you the truth questions today!


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